A translator
is a reader,
an interpreter,
and a creator all in one.

Bijay Kumar Das

I’m Patrizia Leoni

– founder of Aurea Translations and a freelance translator who transforms German and English texts into Italian.

Put simply, I help people to meet new cultures and expand their business internationally.

Wondering how?

A degree in philosophy, a background in classical studies and in-depth humanistic knowledge means that I not only understand the written and spoken word but have a passion for it. I’m also a certified teacher of the Italian language which means I know the technicalities, nuances, and cultural differences like no other.

So how does this help me to translate?

Quality translation might require linguistic skills. But it also needs an awareness of the language and its culture as well as the topic at hand. Think of it like the Golden Ratio or the Aurea Sectio in Greek philosophy, which focuses on the connection between microcosm and macrocosm, human beings and God, nature and universe, part and whole.

While translation is the art of changing one language into another, additional insight is needed to ensure the new text is contextually correct, grammatically accurate and that it resonates with those it’s intended to serve. Inspired by the Golden Ratio, Aurea Translations transforms text while ensuring balance and harmony between the words and context.

This is the difference between translation and quality translation.

My studies, career and interests have shaped my linguistic abilities. I appreciate clarity in writing and believe the right words can influence our worldview. As a translator, my task is to not only change one language into another but also to adequately transmit a worldview.

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